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New Rules of Golf Explained!

As many of you golfers are aware the new rules of golf kicked in on January 1st. One of the big questions I have deals with the loose impediments in a hazard. What is a loose impediment. After seeing Tiger Woods move a massive rock years ago with no penalty it left one thinking, "just what is embedded and what is loose?"

NEW RULE - Starting January 1, 2019 you can move a loose impediment in a Hazard.

Here is golf's definition of embedded over loose.

Loose Impediments can be defined as naturally loose stones, detached leaves, twigs, that can be easily moved. Partially embedded objects can also be removed and can best be defined as protruding above the grounds surface. The difference between partially and fully embedded is subjective and will drive you crazy if you let it. So don't let it. When attempting to move the object it should be easy and not leave a full imprint in the ground. (Tiger's rock was not easy to move and left a solid imprint). One doesn't have to stretch the imagination to see what is going to happen in water hazards with the movement of loose impediments starting this year. Let your conscience be your guide.


1. at no time can you remove a loose impediment like a branch, leaf, etc that is still attached to a live bush, plant, tree.

2. if at anytime your ball moves while moving a loose impediment a one stroke penalty shall be applied unless you are on the green.

Stay tuned for more posts on the new rules of Golf.

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Ken MacDonald
Ken MacDonald
Jan 03, 2019

I like my rules better. "Do what is necessary to ensure you have a fun game. If the foursome are happy with a grooup interpretation ... then so be it."

BTW, I don't play with people with a low handicap because they need published rules to guide them. Besides . . . . they won't let me play with them anyway. Ho-hum!!

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