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Hello scrabble lovers. Pam and I play a-lot of scrabble these days, especially when the weather prevents us from enjoying the great outdoors. Well, we found ourselves losing interest in the game because we started playing a very defensive game. Which is to say we would play short words as to not allow the other to capitalize on double or triple word plays. The game became boring and uninteresting until Pam came up with the idea to change the scoring process. Instead of using the designated double/triple squares on the board she suggested we multiply the letter score by the total letters used in the word. After using the new system for the past couple of weeks we have found it much more interesting and fun to play. If you're interested in trying it here is what you do:

Pick and play the letters as normal. Once you have played a word add up the total points on the letters and multiply them by the total number of letters in the word. For example, you play the word:

POETRY in the picture below you would add up the total letter points of 11 multiplied by the 6 total letters and you get - 11 X 6 = 66 points.

Try it and let us know what you think.

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