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My wife is furious at our next door neighbour who sunbathes nude in her backyard.

Personally I’m on the fence.

Why do French tanks have rearview mirrors?

So they can see the battlefield.

A woman goes into a coma shortly after giving birth to twins

She was in the coma for several weeks and the task of naming the children fell to her idiot brother.

When she woke up and she was advised of her brothers role, she immediately demanded to know the names they were given.

The nurse told her "the girl is called Denise", the woman sighed a breath of relief.

"And the boy was named Denephew"

What's the difference between a Pickpocket and a Peeping Tom?

A pickpocket snatches watches.

What's a Yankee?

The same as a quickie, only you do it yourself.

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