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Ken Batchelor - Navy PTI - Rest in Peace

It is with great sadness that I find the need to report the passing of a dear friend and a great Navy PTI, Ken Batchelor, at the age of 88 years.

Throughout his career, Ken showed what a great athlete he was - excelling in basketball, football and of course, his first love of golf. He even became a golf professional in England and Scotland. Ken spent his last years in Lethbridge, Alberta but no matter where he lived, Kenny was famous and loved for his golf lessons and his promise to "write his golf manual". Even though for the last 8 years he was dealing with dementia, he always had a joke to tell and a giggle to share. He may not have remembered where he played golf nor maybe a face or two but when I told him he owed me 3 thousand dollars - his memory quickly returned - and we'd have a laugh.

Rest in peace, Kenny. You were and will always be remembered as a great PTI, a sailor and a dear friend. There was no service nor obituary.


Tom Walton

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