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This past year was full of ups and downs, mostly downs.

1. Many of us lost loved ones. We lost our oldest daughter on 2 Aug from a heart problem and we learned a lot about people that did NOT have a will, how to settle a deceased estate, government foot-dragging, and so on and so on.

2. My body is catching up with my age and I have met far too many doctors.

3. My pacemaker is out of step, my pill collection is growing and my aches have found new spots to reside. and

4. on top of all of that our travel and curling had to cease. (bummer)

There were some ups, such as:

1. our family grew more together and close,

2. visiting the ER a few times were reasons (albeit not good ones) to be getting out of the house. Yvonne has been and still is a rock, not only putting up with my moaning and groaning but also ensuring that I stay as healthy as possible. Where would I be without her?

3. got more phone calls (from doctors)

4. Trump got trumped and Bidin got IN,

5. more people are cycling,

6. like ours, many families seem to be more close,

7. Justin is bailing out the needy and not so needy while increasing our national debt. (It's only money)

8. Covid-19 has not affected any of our family or friends.

9. a vaccine or two have arrived on the scene.

2020 was full of bad things and sadness aplenty, but

21 promises to bring us joy and help for many many.

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