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Wolf Schmitz

Name: Wolf Schmitz

Where are you hanging your ha: Sainte-Anne- de- Bellevue Quebec

Write your story here or tell: Well life has been a bit slower in this small town on the western tip of the Montreal island. The lakes across the street so we take our kayaks out when the weather permits., usually every day. Debs and I work on getting our garden ready for planting of herbs, vegetables and flowers daily. Also still able to do some small masonry repair jobs around town as I work alone. The people in our community are very close and always eager to offer a hand to assist one another. We’ve been cutting out different shapes flowers from plywood, painting them and placing them along the Main Street. Today we’ll start cutting out various sized hearts to accompany the . Helps to bring a smile to everyone’s face. Wishing everyone all the very best, stay safe and keep smiling!

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