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Valentines day... oh what a night!

A small gaggle of us went to a local establishment last night to celebrate valentines day. Yup, you read that correctly, Valentines Day! Basically they really will use any excuse to throw a party. So what the hell, Valentine's Day is as good as any. From the moment we arrived until they kicked us out the drinks were flowing, the band played an array of 50, 60, 70 and 80's songs. Right up our alley. They were a 4 piece Gringo band that get together down here and hook up to play gigs like the one last night. If memory serves, the drummer was from Winterpeg, the guy tickling the ivory from Kelowna and the lead guitar from Edmonton. I didn't catch where the bass guitar was from but they were pretty darn good. Anyway back to the drinks. Except for slight interuption when dinner was served our waiter earned his keep. Especially when the girls started on the tequila shooters. I mean, when in Rome right! Their surprise when the shooters arrived in what could be described as normal drink tumblers didnt even slow them down for a second. From wine to margaritas to tequila shooters add 3-4 hours of twisting the night away on the dance floor and you got yourself a recipe for a pretty darn good time. Now as most of you know once you get the gals going its hard to slow'em down never mind stop them. So of course they crashed a few parties on the way home but not before beating the band into submission getting 6 encore songs outa them. Needless to say we all got home safe and was a tough block and a half walk to the hotel. Keeping it pretty low key today. Sun and sand. Off to Chicalla tomorrow for a day on a differen't beach. Ola for now.

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