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We have started a tradition in our family now it seems, that is a game!! This is how it’s played:

1) You roll up a bunch of small useful prizes from the Dollarama, or anywhere, into a ball of Saran Wrap so that when you unroll it the prizes come out at different times throughout the game. It’s best to cut the saran wrap into pieces so that they don’t all unravel at once and it makes it harder to grab onto the next piece of saran after a prize is won.

2) You create a circle of players around a table or a coffee table. Standing is better to play the game. One person starts the game with a pair of oven mitts on their hands used to unroll the saran ball, then the person to their right has to roll a pair of ones at the same time the other person is unraveling the ball, in order to get their turn to unwrap the saran ball and win some prizes too.

3) They keep trying until the person on their right rolls ones, then they pass the oven mitts to the person rolling the dice to have a turn, and they pass the dice to the person on their right to roll ones.

4) You all keep on trying to unravel the saran ball until the very last prize is won at the end of the roll.

5) It's just a fun and exciting game with cheering and lots of fun comments as you play on!!! Everyone gets into it really fast too, so it's a fun time!!

6) Some of the prizes we buy are bags of candy, chocolate bars, mitts, socks, lotto tickets, Tim Horton’s gift cards, office stuff like sticky notes, stash teas, hot chocolate, etc., whatever you can think of that you'd like to put in the saran ball. We usually spend about $50 on things to put in the ball, so the game lasts a little longer and it's more fun too!! It also depends on how many people are playing the game. It's a lot of fun and everyone has a blast doing it!! You should try it sometime! We love it!!

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