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Posted a round of 80 at Cordova Bay!

Got the call to play Cordova Bay yesterday in warm wet day. The Rain really never stopped and neither did we. It was an auspicious start to say the least with a pop up off the first tee but with wind behind me my ball covered the ladies tee landing about 100 yards down the fairway. My attempt to go over the small group of trees and drop a shot short of the green was unsuccessful when a tree limb reached out and snagged my ball out of the air. Thankfully the ball dropped on the green side of the tree. Using the lift clean and place rule I positioned myself for what can only be described as a once in a season shot, using the same 8 iron the ball never left the flag hitting it on the second bounce coming to rest about a foot from the hole. A ho hum Par! I went on to Par the next 3 holes and standing to the 5th tee deck a 440 yard dogleg left. With the wind howling straight into our face I my drive found the middle of the fairway and I was left with 220 yards into the green. A well hit 5o yards offline 3 wood left me well right of the green behind a series of small fruit trees. Using my trusty 8 iron i managed to punch my shot onto the apron and got up and down from their for a bogie. Hole six is an 170 yd. uphill par 3 protected by several bunkers one of which I found. Now you should know that I am the self professed worlds best bunker player, or not. Okay more on the not side. I did manage to get the ball out but left it short and converted the effort into a double bogie. I parred holes 7 - 9 carding a smooth 39 on the front. As we headed to the back nine the conditions became more challenging. Gloves, gripes and the like were getting wetter by the minute. Managing a couple of pars inundated with as many bogies and throwing in a double the scorecard read 41 on the back. A smooth 80 as they say! Now for the best part... we took the front, back and 18 off our playing competitors winning $30 ea. for our efforts. As much fun as playing is, winning is always better.

Following golf I arrived home to dry out and watch Sunday night football, the Men's final of the Canada Cup of Curling and then watched the Oilers hang onto beat the Flames 1 - 0.

So what did you do yesterday?

Dan Girard

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Ken MacDonald
Ken MacDonald
Dec 12, 2018

Well, let me see.

That was Saturday, so SAT being the first syllable of the word, I did just that. I SAT and watched sports on TV, SAT at the computer trying to find a trip that SAT-isfied Yvonne and I. I found one that SAT-ed our searching SIT-uation, but I got too SAT-urated from the search, decided that it had SAT-iated our senSATions enough for a SATurday, so we compenSATed ourselves with a SATisfying SATin gin and tonic.

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