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How to Ease the Pain of Overuse Injuries

Most of this you probably already know but a refresher never hurts. I can tell you that after my latest surgery I have developed foot issues that are becoming more painful. I will be seeing a podiatrist next month to see what fun things we can try to help make it better... Guessing the trial and error period won't cost me more than the price of a small car but then who can put a price on health, right?

In the meantime I subscribe and read helpful tips off websites like Webmd so thought I would share. Check it out yourself if you like, just click the link below. Here is a tidbit of what you will find on the "overuse pain" piece.

Stress Fractures

Running, basketball, tennis, or any activity where you pound your feet over and over can cause tiny cracks in your bones, especially in your lower leg and foot. Doing it more often makes it more painful. Several weeks of rest is needed if you don’t want to make things worse.

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