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Comparing Various Workouts and Their Effectiveness with Shelly McDonald

Click the link below and go to the Live Speak Website and watch the Video by Shelly:

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A note to all, I did find some useful information in the Video. It has been sometime since I checked out any training changes and the ones in the video make sense to me.

Below is a transcript of the Video.

Comparing Various Workouts and Their Effectiveness

Let’s compare the effectiveness of different types of workouts. And what I mean by that is what I get asked a lot is, is walking as good as running? Now that’s just one example so let’s go through that one first.

First of all anything you do to get active is going to be great. So don’t think that just because you're walking instead of running this is not a good thing. Anything you do is great. If you can do both and you're looking at which one is going to give you more than yes, running is going to give you more. More work always generates a lot more energy and therefore will burn more calories and fat and will overall give you a little bit more.

For example, running is about 2.5 times more energy than walking. However, running can be very hard on the joints and a lot of people complain about knee, feet, back pain and just can’t run but they want to do something and they want to do it at their own time at their own leisure. They don’t want to have to go to the gym so I tell them to walk. That’s okay walking is good. There’s ways to make walking just a little more intense and one of the ways you can do that is by using incline. It’s an under rated way to increase intensity but if you’ve ever walked up a hill, you know what I’m talking about. You start really fast and by the end, it gets a little bit just trickier to get up to the top. And if you measure your heart rate, you might notice that your heart rate will probably be the same as if you were running.

Another way to increase your intensity when walking is to add a weighted vest to your body. That will give you more weight in general to make the effort a little bit more to carry your body from place to place. And then there’s one more thing that you can do as that’s speed. Speed and arm movement account for a good deal of increase in intensity and you can do bouts of fast walking verses slow walking. And I guarantee you that it will be much friendlier on the joints than it would be from the jarring of any kind of jogging or running that you can do. So overall just make your activity intense enough and you should find it effective.

Now another thing you can compare is let’s say Pilates which is predominately body weight exercise verses resistance training or weight training. Now Pilates when you first start out you're on the floor for the most part and you're doing exercises that are done on the ground and this is a great way to start. When you get a little more advanced, you want to move onto the Pilates beds that are actually have cables that help you increase your intensity. You see as you go along with exercise in general, there’s something called principle of overload that says if once it gets too easy you have to make it harder. So when you compare that to weight training, weight training right away you’ve got resistance in your hands you're doing standing movements. Weight training might give you a little more at the beginning but Pilates can catch up with the reformer beds.

Now when you're comparing an aerobics or dance class to something like a boot camp or a Hiit or a circuit type class the difference is is that one is aerobic and one is anaerobic. And what does that mean? Aerobic sustains your heart rate at the same level throughout the workout pretty much. It; it varies a tiny bit but not as much as anaerobic which is an extreme effort verses rest; extreme effort verses rest. So which one is more effective? Well it depends on your goals. Both are great for cardio both are great for burning calories but overall, the boot camp and the Hiit classes will incorporate muscular endurance and muscular strength type activities and higher intensity type cardio that overall will actually give you a little harder workout and therefore a more effective workout.

Both are excellent though both are excellent forms of exercise it just depends again how much time you have and what you want to do for your exercise program and what you want to get out of it.

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