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Chicalla Mexico in pictures

Updated: Feb 18, 2019

Well the weather held up for our short 30 min drive from Rincon deGuyabitos to Chicalla. A cool dozen of us piled into the Toyota Van Taxi armed with beach towels, chairs, boogie boards, floaties, cell phones, cervasas, wine, water and mucho sun screen. Once we finally got the sliding door of the van closed the driver slapped her into gear hit the gas and we roared down the side street hitting the corner on the main drag at full tilt. I grabbed the chicken bar above the window as he swung the taxi onto the cobblestone road barely glancing left to check for oncoming traffic. Luckily for us there was only a local on a mountain bike as he braked to avoid hitting us. Not sure what went through his mind i can only tell you what went through mine and that was "holy shit" as we screamed down the road towards the highway that would take us to Chicalla. As we approahed the intersection the light was green, thank the good lord i thought as the driver never even slowed as he corned that Toyota like he was at a Leman's road race. Evidently he was a skilled local driver as he raced us down the narrow two lane highway speaking to us in broken english about how challenging the roads have become all the while pointing out the new highway off in the distance scheduled to open later this year. It's amazing how you can become one with your maker on trips like this. The Chicalla sign couldn't come soon enough, thankfully we arrived safe and sound and were met by our gracious host whom along with his staff of 3-4, maybe it was 5 or 6 not 100 percent sure seemed like a family affair. Their resteraunt was one of a half dozen on the beach. This one was a favorite of my older brother because of location, friendly service and excellent food. We picked out our own fish, Red Snapper, which they griiled with a mesquite flavoured wood. All and all an excellent day. Have to wrap up heading to block party. Ola from Mexico.

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