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A recent entry in Facebook by a PERI has caused a few of us to retort and condemn him and his comments.

Many of the respondents didn't know or had even heard of this PERI. While the comments were a bit uncomplimentary to the periscope staff, he did let us know his thoughts, albeit in Facebook (where I find that articles and comments get mixed and jumbled up so badly they are difficult to follow and are eventually lost without having to search and scroll for hours trying to find anything) and not in where it should have been.

My concern is that few know this fellow, which makes me sad. We were a small branch and now we are an even smaller group of Ex's. BUT, there is a way we could get to know a bit about each other and that is by having EVERYONE going to the Members menu on and placing a small or large bio and a recent or old photo of yourself, your family, your dog or anything you wish to your name. Have a look at Dan Girard's or my profile for examples. To the best of my knowledge, we are the only ones that have completed a profile!! . . . EH??

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