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A day in the life...

Yesterday I played 18 holes at Highland Pacific Golf Course where I went 4 under on the front nine and 4 over on the back.

Today we're out for a drive and our first stop is island view park.

Looking for a rock to skip on the water.

That was a 10 plus skipper.

Very cool to find a rock engulfed by barnacles.

The different things you find. Cant explain this rocks colouring the only one on the beach.

Moved on to Sydney and needed some octane so we stopped at Canada's coffee shop...

Rollllll up that Rim! Confirmed invitation to return and play again. The dream of winning a car lives on.

Cruising downtown Sidney.

Yikes, stopped and bought a new pair of shoes...

Walked down to the Wharf chilling on a seaside bench watching the boats, birds, people.

Turning out to be a beautiful day.

Even the crocus are starting to "SPRING" to life.

Blessed to have such a wonderful life partner.

Alas, she has met another and I'm out :(

Walking out on the pier. Say hello to Jonathan!

Sydney pier looking out over the Marina.

Local crabbers keeping the males for dinner dumping the females back in the ocean.

Types of boaters over the years.

What a great idea...

Cormorants sunbathing at the end of the Getty.

Me and cap'n Cook...

I was pointing at the whale ...

Yes he could swallow you whole.

Returned home headed to the local "Y" to get in a few laps, steam and finished it off with a 15 min hot tub.

Finally, went to my cousin's 50th B-day party at Mike's Steakhouse in Langford.

So, what are you up to today?

Really, tell us your story. Upload it here.

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Ken MacDonald
Ken MacDonald
14. März 2019

Your day seemed to be quite full of exciting and memorable events. Well recorded with terrific photos as well!

Alas, my day was not so breath taking, it was more of a blood getting day. Spent over 6 hours in VGH getting a blood transfusion. Supposed to make me more perky. Hasn't worked so far! Still un-perky but hopeful.

Great blog Dan!!

Gefällt mir
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