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What are you going to do now?

Looks like all provinces are opening up in one way are another. So what's your plans? Will you be participating by visiting your favorite hair stylist, perhaps going to a park or restaurant? Looks like playing golf is a viable option because you can easily social distance on the course. Walking, bike riding, jogging etc seems fairly safe don't you think? Will you be visiting other stores like Canadian Tire, Home Depot if you already have did you feel safe? If been playing golf and been to Lowes and Home Hardware. Social distancing seems to be a constant challenge whether in the wide open spaces of a golf course or in the confined space of a large box store. So it seems that self preservation is your best bet to staying Covid free. I wear a mask but as we know the mask protects others from me. Another good thing about wearing a mask is, that it reminds me not to touch my face before disinfecting my hands when I'm out in public. I carry and use a small bottle of disinfectant whenever im out and about. One of the things I do when shopping is select items from the back of the shelf my thoughts are those items are less likely to have been touched than the ones near the front.

How do you feel about vocalizing your concerns when others invade your safe space. Geezus I never would have ever thought I would be one to use the phrase "safe space," yet here we are. One of the lads I played golf with last week picked up my ball and tossed it to me my immediate reaction was to catch it. I did catch it then thought about Covid after the fact. We made a joke about it but it was a subtle reminder of the new world we're living in.

What are you thinking around testing, have you been tested? Do you think being tested will help? Not sure how it will help since you can be ok one minute and contract the virus the next. What are your thoughts on the tracking app that's currently being discussed? Are you in favour or dead against it or perhaps on the fence. Is your privacy a concern and should a person's privacy take precedent over public safety? Remember that green blooded Vulcans famous line from Star Trek. "The needs of the many out-weigh the needs of the few."

Have you changed your summer plans or do you have concerns about the fall? What happens if a second wave hits. Has all of this been for not if other countries can't or won't keep the virus in check. Never mind other countries it seems we still have a long way to go in this country with understanding consciousness and safe practices. At least until a cure is found. Did you have upcoming ravel plans that are on hold? Are you a snowbird that is waiting or has cancelled plans for the fall. I know we are in a wait and see mode before we head down to Arizona. What's insurance going to look like, the value of the Canadian dollar? Will it have a value? Will travelling be affordable? For us personally you can add our Condo build has been out on hold until who knows when? The builder ain't talking and I'm not sure I blame them but it's still very inconvenient. Thank goodness for family.

Well that's it for this post. Trust you all will keep safe and be well. I hope to get some info from the great eight on what's happening this year with the PE&R Reunion although I suspect it will be cancelled unless a minor miracle occurs soon.

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