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West Coast Xmas PTI Brunch

As promised, attached are the photos of our Xmas PTI Brunch we had on Fri., Dec. 6/19 at the Royal Roads Cafe.  I took one photo from each end of the table so you could have a better view of who's who!!

Left side of the table photos:  Derek Harrison, Bill Sears, Ken MacDonald, Yvonne MacDonald, my empty chair as I was taking the photo, Gerry Lindner and Lois, and Arlene Porter.

Right side of the table photos:  Fred Hickie, Colleen Hickey, Bob Sherman, Ron Kinnee, Bonnie Kinnee, Jeanno Boivin, Gerry Porter and Ray Bootland.

We had a great visit with everyone attending the brunch, lots of stories to be told to each other and door prizes to be won as well.  Here is a list of who won what prize:

1)  Purdy's Chocolates:  Ray Bootland 2)  Elements Casino gift card for $25:  Colleen Hickey 3)  Cineplex Gift Card for $25:  Shannon Boivin 4)  Romeo's gift card for $25:  Yvonne MacDonald 5)  Anthon Berg Liquor filled Dark Chocolates:  Arlene Perry 6)  My Chosen Cafe gift card for $25:  Bob Sherman 7)  Christmas Lotto Scratch Tickets $25 worth:  Bill Sears 8)  Tim Horton's gift card for $25:  Gerry Lindner 9)  Royal Roads Cafe gift card for $25:  Ron Kinnee 10) Royal Roads Cafe gift card for $25:  Derek Harrison

Wishing you all back east a very Merry Christmas and a happy and healthy 2020!!!

Shannon and Jeanno Boivin Victoria BC

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