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Up for an easy challenge???

Hello out there in PERIScope land. I hope you're up for an easy challenge and that is to post a story to the PERIScope. Keep it as simple as telling us where you're spending xmas this year or what your holiday plans are. Who's coming to Christmas dinner? Just family or family and friends. Add a picture to personalize the post. Better yet, tell us what you want for Christmas? It can be as simple as saying you wish for world peace! (careful on that wish though, lightening may strike the current POTUS)

I will start if off by saying I wish all my friends and family a Merry Xmas and a truly great 2019. I am also putting in my recky for gift cards for Golf Town and Timmies. What can I say I'm a soft touch. Both my boys are going to be away this Christmas so Pam and I are planning to stay busy by engaging in both physical and social activities. Hiking, golf and hanging with some friends to play games and enjoy a spirited libation.

What are you all up to?

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