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The Shu putting in some overtime...

The results are in and it wan't overly flattering for a two of us. Terry Armishaw, pictured with his head down pouring over the numbers and Gerry LeBlanc took us to school yesterday at Garrison Golf Course at CFB Kingston. Also in the picture is Russ Pouliot and Dan Girard otherwise dubbed the "givers." Gerry arrived with a handicap of 14 and proceeded to post a smooth 39 on the front nine. Gerry also posted the only birdie on the front on #6 the water hole. That birdie earned us a snort of go-go juice from someone's personal stash. Suffice it to say the go-go juice didn't slow them down, (probably helped) and that the Gerry's play helped his team earn a substantial lead going into the back nine.

All I can say about the back nine is we tried to rally but they were just too much for us. Even though Gerry had cooled off... (going into cap management mode) his partner Terry was making putts from all over the course. Russ and me threw in the towel after Terry's initial putt on 16 slid about 12 feet by, only to have him step up and drain the come-backer like it was routine. Maybe it was, making 10 footers seemed pretty normal for him.

I'm not saying we lost a lot to them, but a brinks truck had to drop off the winnings to their house. Russ and me are not quitters (perhaps we should be) we have asked the commissioner to schedule a return match...

Stay tuned...

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