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Tunnel Mountain in


Our grandkids are Mutts.

Well best laid plans eh! A little background. When we decided to make this move we, ok I, decided I would buy a moving truck instead of renting one. Why you ask, sell the moving truck at the other end with the hope of minimizing moving cost. After all Uhaul wanted $4000.00 to rent a truck and any reputable moving company was $6 - $10 grand. So we bought a 16 foot moving truck and managed to squeeze all of our stuff into it. I should mention that our new place is being built and won't be ready until January/February 2020. And, I had no interest in storing our furniture having to handle it 4 times at least. So there you have it.

Best laid plans... the truck broke down just as we were heading out of Hope going up a 2000 ft grade heading to Kelowna. The hose came off the radiator at the bottom and the dashboard lit up like a xmas tree. We managed to limp back to Chilliwack where we stayed the night. We were up early the next morning and found a truck service center right next to our hotel. They took us right away and we were in our way again by 9 am. A little lighter in the pocket book but a lot cheaper than I thought it would be. As we passed Hope we were faced with a choice, take the coquiholla #5 highway or the sunshine coast #3 highway we decided on the Sunshine Coast. We had heard about the wicked snowstorm that went through just east of the Coquiholla the day before so thought highway 3 would be best. Well it wasn't. There was plenty of snow at the summit which topped out just short of 5000 ft but luckily the roads were clear and it was a sunny day. Lots of ups and downs and seemed like never ending turns and corners. We made chilliwack by 3:30 PM and with the repaired rad hose the truck performed as expected.

We hit the road early the next day hoping to spend no more than 6 hours on the road with Banff as our landing spot. Well we made it with a few minutes to spare. We hit a lot of construction spots the second day but the delays were relatively short. If you have never driven through the mountains in and around Golden BC you're missing out on nothing. It's a pretty white knuckle drive as you get close to some pretty serious edges with 1000 ft drop offs. It'll get your attention. The plan was always to hangout in Banff for a few days with our Son and Daughter in law who live in Banff. We also scooted up to Edmonton to visit my 95 year old uncle and 90 year old aunty. The plan is to be back on the road tomorrow Sunday October 6 with either swift current or moose jaw as the target destination. The latest weather forecast has some colder snowy weather heading our way. Hopefully we can stay ahead of it.

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Ken MacDonald
Ken MacDonald
06 de out. de 2019

What brave souls you are (Brave might not be the word I was looking for).

Great pics and good that you could visit some rels along the way.

This will be one trip you never forget!! Lots of excitement and tests of fortitude.

When you get to wherever it is you are heading do you plan to live in the truck until Jan 2020? Hope not!

Happy motoring!!

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