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Southern Alberta vs Northern

Love watching the culmination of a great week of curling come down to the two Alberta Teams going head to head for the Tankard. Being an Alberta Boy myself I've always been partial to the Alberta Teams, well not all of them. Being from Edmonton I couldn't ever bring my self to cheer for Calgary. So when it comes to Koe vs Bottcher my heart goes to Brendan but Kevin winning five Canadian Championships would be special too.

Not sure I love the new format but I understand the fairness of it all. I do like the idea of having more top teams in the event because I think it makes it more competitive. Especially when you get to the Championship round.

It was great to see the young and new faces of the Howard Team and the likes of Gunnlaugson. If there was a tough moment or two it was listening to Vic Rauter play the role of "doofus." He's been broadcasting culling for a least 10 plus years. The game's not that complicated and I'm sure he understands the games complexities... which are, "the closest to the pin wins." You can throw in terms like, pebble, slide path, raise, tap, draw, sledge, sludge, fresh pebble, hog

line, tee line, button, 12, 8, 4 ft and pin. You can even discuss scratching or sharpening the stones, dishing the ice, hack and kicking out to hard and when you want to challenge the viewer, talk about weight calls like easy hack, firm, board and back line and none of it is overly complicated for a Veteran Broadcaster like Vic. So I wish he would just commentate like the Pro he is.

I'm gonna miss the Curling until the Worlds start.

Hoping the weather continues to get better everyday so we start to enjoy the outdoors. Walking everyday has been the only exercise we have been getting. Can't wait to get the bikes, kayaks, golf clubs and pickle ball paddles out.

As I hit the submit button, Kevin is leading 1-0 after 4 ends I'll post my final thoughts on the game in the morning in the comments section of this story. Going to pour a nice rum and coke and kick back and enjoy the second half of the game.


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