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Robert Latreille

Updated: Apr 26, 2020

Name: Robert Latreille

Where are you hanging your hat: -

Write your story here or tell: Well this is going to be short because I just got up and I have not had breakfast yet.I live in Saint Constant Quebec a small village on the south shore of Montreal.Nice quiet place as we are next to the Indian reserve so cigarettes and gas are very cheap . I do not smoke but my wife does and I gas up every time she smokes up.There are two casinos close by like 3 Km away so normally in the afternoon we always paid them a visit but with this virus problem going on it has disrupted our routine so now I have to go cycling so it is kind of a change but I tell you what our bank account is growing so at least that is something to be proud of. Well folks I will let you go and get back with another story from my souvenirs so take care and keep your stick on the ice.

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