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Periscope Minutes of Special Meeting

Minutes of Special Meeting

October 17, 2018 - 3 PM

Victoria B.C. - Shannon Boivin Residence

In Attendance:

Ken MacDonald

Dan Girard

Shannon Boivin


Donations co-ordination and status

Face book and Locator links restricted for members only


Instructions for amending Locator list to Jurgen

McGraw situation resolved?

Ken MacDonald retiring as Managing Editor and Chief (date TDC)

Anything else that has arisen

Ken brought the meeting to Order at 3 pm sharp.

Shannon had the financial status up to date and will forward the information to Dan to post on the website. Dan noted that he had an outstanding invoice for the new bulletin board scheduled to be added to the this year. He will forward invoice to Shannon.

Facebook issue resolved

Locator list issue resolved

Blog aka bulletin board to be added by end of 2018. Dan to manage.

It was decided that Dan will manage the current locator list requests and he is working on an updated system using the current locator list and members page. To advise when ready to launch.

Ken to send Shannon and Dan copies of the agreement with PSP regarding cost-sharing of next wix subscription.

Shannon to move all monies form West Reunion fund into Periscope fund.

Financial signing authorities of remain.

Ken MacDonald will officially retire as the Managing Editor of the Website December 31, 2018. Dan Girard will replace Ken as Managing Editor Jan 1, 2019.

No other business was tabled. The meeting was adjourned at 5 pm. 

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