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Military History Paraphernalia


I am Daniel Ferland and deeply into military history. I gladly share and help link up potential interests that I see in my searching and travels. I also help connect people to various forums to bring members back together.

I "survived" the many intense workouts in Cornwallis. MCpl Butler was a driving force there in 1988. We had a great PERI staff in Chilliwack where we would have intense workouts and sports. A noteworthy one is a ball hockey tournament, non-stop elimination. Teams continued to play until one by one, they were eliminated. The RCEME team lasted to the bitter end and came in second to the PERI team. Incredible fun.

I am a retired Wpns Tech Land of 32yrs of service. In that service, I was very fit and got into half marathons, inspired by the PERI staff.

In my searching, I located a vendor in the US who has a Canadian Army Gymnastics Corps uniform button, likely first world war. Those are quite scarce and isn't even featured in the Canadian Military button book by Smilie. In my search, I found your group.

I can link you to the vendor if you like.

My collections starts at the Boer War right up to present day with a Heavy RCEME influence. I recognize various eras and all groups (army, navy air force, auxiliary services) in my displays. I have original sneakers, white tops flat bottom converse style (men's and ladies) from the 70s amd some RCAF gym shorts in my collection. I regret getting rid of my grey issued sneakers as I would have liked to show the transition. I also have a pair of WWII plimsoles.

I am a member of the Royal Canadian Legion Branch 641 in Barrhaven (ottawa), RCEME association, WO and Sgt's Mess Ottawa Heritage Committee, OPI of historical displays at the Army Ball and Army Run (Annually) and religiously display my collections at various Schools, Legions and Military events.

By being part of your group, I can help link historical items and literature to your group and others. With my exposure with my displays, I can link other PERIs to your group.

Click link to view on Ebay.

To contact Daniel by email -

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