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Merry Xmas from Gananoque, On.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year everyone. As you know Pam and I relocated from Victoria to Gananoque October 2019. The reason for the move was to support Pam's dad during these critical years of his life. With a mild case of Alzheimer's his long term memory is great, his short memory is only rivalled by the goldfish and his physical self is pretty good for 84 years of age. Now Kenny Mac would consider him a young pup and that may be so. The other day we arrived at Pam's dad's in the middle of a bike ride and found him 20 feet up a tree trimming branches. The branches were interfering with the flow of the new Canadian Flag he just put up and that just wouldn't do. He had his axe and bow saw and was cutting and hacking away. Suffice it to say the event ended with no incident except Pam's stress level was elevated the entire time he was up the tree. By the way, he refused to come down until the job was done. So that's why we moved to Gananoque, so we could be part of experiences like that and of course be around to prevent similar events if and when possible.

I have posted earlier information about our trip and our 16 month wait to get into our new home, the new home was in fact a new Condo development in Gananoque. The builder was already month's behind when Covid hit and for those that don't know, every build has an "ACT of GOD," clause in the contract. So here we were expecting to get into our new home in August 2019 and took occupancy November 23, 2020. It was a combination of delays and then Covid-19 that really put us behind schedule. All as I can say is thank goodness we're in now. The building is hardly finished so it's like we're living in a war zone but compared to couch surfing it's a blessing.

Of course this will be our first Christmas here, close to Pam's family and her dad but both our boys are still out west. One in Victoria and one in Banff so we have mixed emotions and will miss seeing them but we have a zoom meeting scheduled on Christmas Eve, so that's something. The concessions we all have to make during a Pandemic. We're planning on making Christmas Shortbreads during the Zoom meeting the recipe were using is one I used when I was cooking in the Military back in the late 70's and early 80's. Still works well today. I cute recipe down by about 75% otherwise we have shortbreads for the year. And these run about 500 calories per cookie. Mighty tasty but terrible for the belly bulge.

In closing, let me say how blessed Pam and I feel that we live in this great country and have family and friends that care for us as we care for them. Whatever it is your doing enjoy it, don't let Covid get you and have the best Christmas ever. Here are a few photo's of our new view.

Dan and Pam Girard.

Our view overlooking the St. Lawrence.

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