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Merry Christmas and Best Wishes for a safe and joyful New Year!

Merry Christmas and Best Wishes for a safe and joyful New Year!

This is a special year for everyone. A lot of us may be spending the Holiday Season apart from the people we love dearly but we all understand why it’s the best thing. Understanding and coping are two different things altogether. There are some simple things that we all can do to make getting through the season a little easier. One of them is hearing from our friends and families. When reaching out to our PE&R family we have a couple of different options, one is using the PERIScope website. Everyone that is a member or subscriber can post a little something on the PERIScope website for this Holiday season. Even if it’s just a photo of something that others may enjoy. It’s not a lot to ask and I know the 250 plus ex-PERI and PERO’s that are members on the site would enjoy hearing from you.

Posting on the website is easy, simply go to, sign in and when the main page comes up, click on the “CREATE A POST” button. A new window will open up and it’s pretty self explanatory from there. I have included a picture “HOW TO POST,” below. However, if you are not comfortable with doing it through the website email me your story and I’ll post it for you.

I can say with absolute certainty that your time and effort to post something will be well received and the difference it will make in someone’s life will be immeasurable. So if you’re wondering if it’s worth it… IT IS!

Since I am asking for everyone, and I mean everyone that uses the site to participate it’s only fair that I start it off. So my post will be coming right behind this one.

Thank you to everyone for making this Holiday Season a little more special for all our members.

Dan Girard

PERIScope Editor

How to post:

Click the "CREATE A POST" button.

A new window pops up.

Click in the Window by the word "ADD" and Add a Catchy Title

After adding your title, click by the word "START" and start typing.

Once you're done your story you can add pictures or just publish the story without pictures.

To add pictures click the "PLUS +" sign shown in a circle

Then click the "CAMERA" in the little menu that pops up.

When you click the Camera it opens up a file upload window on your computer. Select the file you want to upload, intros case a picture.

Once you select the file, click the choose for upload button and your picture will upload onto the web page.

When it's uploaded a small menu appears that will allow you to change the picture size and placement if you want to, otherwise just let it be.

Finally, hit the publish button at the bottom and the story will upload onto the website. Hit the publish button with or without pictures added. Once you publish the story is live. You can refresh the homepage of the website to check out your submission.

GOOD LUCK and remember how much doing this small thing will help out your family and friends.

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PE&R Branch
PE&R Branch
22 dic 2020

Well said David and all the best and good luck with the back surgery.

Me gusta

David Edmond
David Edmond
21 dic 2020

To all our members across Canada and in the US of A, may you have the best possible Xmas as is possible under the circumstances. Remember that at one time we were all follow the doctors orders, stay home, be safe. This pandemic will end some day, but if everyone was conscientious and follow the directives, that "some day" could come a lot sooner. We are losing members more frequently now, but not from covid19. Age is catching up with us and we are paying for all the enjoyment we had in our career. Who else had such an enviable occupation/trade. In Chilliwack, my daughter, aged 9, was asked at school. "and what does your daddy do?" She ha…

Me gusta
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