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Life after 851

Picture is my dogs SLIck and Rose the wonder dog; gun binoculars and spotting scope all must tools for an outfitter.

I joined the outfitter corp both in Alberta and Saskatchewan in the early 1980's.One of my early bosses advised me that if you can make a business out of your hobby you will enjoy a great place to work each day.I was extremely lucky to be at the right place at the right time as the industry was organizing and growing at that time. My first goal was the hunting of the whitefront geese and add big game later.As the years rolled along it was a family affair with Betty doing the meals and with a growing number of employees we built the business to a year round activity.Travel in the winter to the USA for sports shows and spring get ready for fall. We hosted many old friends from both peri group and judo group. The business grew it was a very satisfying to spending our days in what we enjoyed.Time has a way of catching up to us all and we recognize the time to retire was near after 30 plus years in the outdoors.Over those thirty plus years we traveled to many countries and hosted Japaese hunters as well New Zealand Australia and South American clients.We sold the business and it put us in a position to help others that was not as fortunate , We now reside in Recliff Alberta a mile south of the transcanada hwy.Looks up if your going by.

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