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Ken MacDonald 2nd Retirement

Updated: Dec 5, 2018

Ken is finally hanging up his PERIScope Quill! Ken was the "key" reason why we have all the historical information on the PERIScope Website. He worked tirelessly to provide a service to the PERO/PERI family long after he left the service. He wanted to preserve as much history as possible and provide family members and old friends a vehicle to stay in touch from anywhere in the world. Well Ken, congratulations, consider your efforts an unequivocal success. On behalf of all of the members that use this site... THANK YOU!

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Randy Cousineau
Randy Cousineau
Dec 05, 2018

Hard to imagine how we will carry on without Ken, and Brian at the helm.

I did take for granted that a PE&R website existed. At the same time once I found it I totally enjoyed taking a walk down Memory Lane.

Thank you Ken and Brian for what you have done in the past and thank You Ken for taking on the project of moving the PE&R Web page into the future.

You will be missed by all of the PE&R people who click on to the site.

Enjoy your retirement. You deserve it.

cheers Randy


Unknown member
Nov 23, 2018

I had the pleasure to work and assist Ken in the first PERISCOPE he organized.! We go way back to the 50ies; on my first PTI Instructor course in Camp Borden & after a few years in the trade we were both in Camp Gagetown., I was posted from Camp Chilliwack, BC to the 1 RCHA as their Senior/Sgt PTI Moc851 and was able to work out of the Base Gymnasium for the remainder of my stay before being posted out to CMR in ST Jean PQ. By that time he had been promoted to Captain in the trade. We lost touch with one another for a few years until he contacted me for help in the new THE PERISCOPE…


Nov 23, 2018

Should read Ken MacDonald retirement. My retirement is coming soon:).

Ken D

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