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2019 is coming in like a tornado, as the house has now acquired two , very energetic, four legged rascals. Having put our old time friends to sleep this past year, we needed to have some life in the house again. Oh no! We couldn't go the route of mature animals, we needed some youngsters. We have a 12 month old puppy and now a two month old kitten. I really believe we are way to old to go through the growing stages again. The pup loves the kitten but doesn't recognize her dominance at all times. The kitten is fiesty and holds her own. While they may be enjoying the growing years, I'm afraid that turmoil and refereeing are in our past. We will get an interlude for New Years. Our wedding anniversary is 1 Jan and will be in Burlington Vermont to celebrate. Close at hand, enjoyable and has become a tradition. Kathryn and I will wish one and all, an enrichenning 2019. Out with the old and in with the new,( and hopefully) a great improvement over 2018.

David and Kathryn

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Congrats on your upcoming celebration. We have 2 elderly Yorkies so not so much energy!!

PS: Rose and I celebrated our 42nd on 29 Dec.

Best regards.


Ken MacDonald
Ken MacDonald
Dec 17, 2018

Mery Christmas Dave

I'm emailing you a few puppy/kitty videos to which you will probably easily relate.


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