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Holy Smokes!

Another year has come and gone. And... what a year it was. As Barney Bernard was picking my pocket on the golf course he had a saying as you handed him your cold hard cash, "timing is everything." Let's hope that phrase proves to be right in a positive sense for 2021. As you roll up your sleeves for the Covid-19 vaccine perhaps you will keep them up and get to work building this country back up in any way you can. My older brother once said, "if you were born in Canada you won the geographical lottery." I don't see a lot of news from the United Kingdom but I catch CNN or Fox Cable every now and then, and man... we have it good in this country, don't we? Let's all do our part to keep it that way.

There's lots of things I should be resolute for in 2021 but I can't think of one more important than staying safe and alive for my family and loved ones. Not only do I want to take care of myself but I need to stay resolute for the sake of all of us. I'm not sure about you but I'll admit to being a little selfish in this regard. I'm pretty sure I couldn't live with myself if I caused anyone to get covid-19. I imagine that would be a tough sack of "burden" for anyone to carry around. It seems at times that some care more than others but the only one I can control is me... so I'll be resolute about doing my best to keep my fellow man safe from Covid-19 for 2021.

Now for being hopeful, I am hoping that the vaccine gets the job done and we can all get back to some sense of normality. What I'm terrified about is how much things are going to cost once the "all clear," is given. I'm envisioning the cowboy opening the bull riding gate at the Calgary Stampede and like the bull busting outa the gate, everyone that's been cooped up for the past 12 - 18 months are gonna bust outa their gate. I'm expecting prices to skyrocket. Last week I finally gave up on this season's reservation down in Palm Creek Arizona and when I called to confirm my cancellation I asked if I could leave my deposit on the books for next November. The reply was "No Sir," with no explanation provided. So I have deduced one of two things, they're either going outa business, not likely, or prices are gonna change to make up for this season's losses. Time will tell. I hope I'm wrong about the prices going up.

Before I bore you to tears with my babbling rhetoric I do have some good news to share. The website is in good shape financially. I'll be posting our latest balance sheet but I would like to Thank:

  1. Gerry McGarry for his $70.00 donation this year, and

  2. Will Johnston for his $50.00 donation.

Our annual costs are normally around $250.00 Canadian but Kenny Mac left a healthy bank account before retiring from his managing editor position a few years ago so we are in good shape. That said, donations are always welcome.

Membership - we have about 200 members that have signed up on the website but only get a couple of you that post stories or any information. It seems everybody is satisfied with the website being a static site where you can pop into from time to time to find info on an old friend or fellow PERI/PERO. We have thrown a few ideas out there but have had little to no response from the membership, so... if there is anybody out there that wants to be a contributing writer to the site on pretty much any topic send me an email.

Speaking of membership info, we have beefed up the membership page so you have more control over the info you want on the site as well as giving you more control over posts, follows, etc. It's worth checking out. To see what's new go to your personal page, click "members" then click your profile and select "your account." You can add photo's, video's, bio info and so on. When Kenny Mac and I discussed upgrading the website we really wanted to have members control their own personal information and to allow members to easily contribute to the overall storyboard of the website. We don't have any paid staff everything is done by volunteers. So we were kinda hoping you (yup "YOU") would want to contribute.

Before I leave you I do want to recognize a few people for their dedication and efforts to keeping the site going. First and foremost, Kenny MacDonald he's still posting stories that get a lot of attention on the site. Dave Edmond, Tommy MacKay for posting multiple stories and Shannon Boivin who keeps our books and bank account up to date.

Best wishes to all for a Happy and Safe 2021.

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Meleme McGraw
Meleme McGraw
Dec 28, 2020

I wish everyone a Happy New Year in 2021; hoping for a better year than last & that we will all be safe & return to a better side of life; God Bless all who need a Blessing.! (Mens Sana In Corpore Sana).!


David Edmond
David Edmond
Dec 28, 2020

Hello all. I will second that. Quebec is having a surge in cases and deaths this December. We are in a red zone, so Xmas was definitely quiet. One visitor per household for Xmas dinner. Didn't stop my wife, Kathryn, from cooking for the neighbours though. She has a girlfriend, widow, down the street and we have a gentleman across the street reduced to getting around on a motorized scooter. They were recipients of a FULL plate for dinner. The rest was left for us and our two animals. Winter here seems to be a day of snow, followed by rain, followed by snow, followed by rain. We have had no accumulation at all. January comes at week's end, so…

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