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Hello Everyone...

I would like to welcome a few new members to the site: Alex Motuzas and Andre Rodrigue joined in August, Bob Wescott and Bill Compagnon's thru his wife Connie has just joined the site. Welcome aboard all.

As promised I hope to spend a few more hours a week working on the site and hopefully making it better for everyone to connect and share information with individuals or across the site with all our members.

You may have guessed that we have relocated back to Kingston, Ontario this month. Since arriving I have managed to get in a couple of rounds of golf at Garrison. I've bumped into several of the "boys" Russ P, Terry A, Sonny M(the ageless one), and played with Jocelyn Girard my brother from another mother. I can say Jocelyn played extremely well for the extreme conditions we played in. He missed a short putt on 18 to miss posting a 79.

The weather has been great thus far with the wind being the exception. The fall colours are breath-taking to say the least. The leaves are proving to be a challenge hiding balls that would easily be found otherwise. I hope that doesn't sound like a complaint because it's really just an observation :) but feel free to comment below if you like. Go on, I can take it...

Playing tomorrow with Russ, Terry and Gerry. I am hoping to get pre-approved for the loan I feel I'll need to pay off the debt I'll incur playing in that four ball. Truth be told the greens are playing super-fast for the time of year. I am becoming quite good at three putting, which is to say it's better than four putting but nowhere as accomplished as two putting. Not sure I've ever been accomplished at anything so I'll let you know how it goes.

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