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Hanging my hat

Presently house bound thanks to Covid 19. Wife, Lovelette, (personal caregiver), goes for very long walks daily to get some space from me (smiles). I’m now nearly three years in wheelchair, with not a single traffic violation. Fortunately, due to dialysis treatments every other day, I have permission to go outside (home to hospital and return) unlike most folks. Dealing with several other maladies, but overall couldn’t be better. I spend most free time at my creative writing, which provides me much satisfaction. As well, I am deeply involved in community advocacy and betterment. Recently began song writing and already gaining much recognition. Always enjoy telecons with dinosaur Rec Spec/PERI’s. Take care, God bless & stay safe!. George Borden

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Ken MacDonald
Ken MacDonald
May 18, 2020

Hi George.

Good to hear from you and also good to see you are still using your creative skills. Stay with it buddy. Cheers. Ken

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