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Going to hell in a hand basket!

A familiar phrase that we heard at one time or another. Perhaps it was your parents or grandparents, I recall my grandmother saying "what's this world coming to." I admit she had good reason as I generally did half the job she asked. Take out the garbage she would say and I would... take it out side and drop it just out the door where she would find it spread to hell and gone after the dogs got to it. I probably did it more than once and then I would have to clean it up before dinner or breakfast in the morning. Maybe I was a slow learner but it seemed to work for me in the moment I never gave much thought to the aftermath and having to clean it up.

Sure I took liberties when I could but all in all I think I was an ok kid. Perhaps a little wayward but the Army took care of that. I was a kid that needed the discipline and framework the Military provided. Although I can think outside the box I like the linear thinking that is following orders and most of all working with a team of people with the same objective. Sure, it wan't perfect but it was straight forward, do your job or face the consequences.

So in the words of my Grandmother and Wille Nelson, I say "what's the world coming too?" Here are a couple of the latest head scratching examples:

  1. We're apologizing for the sins of our fathers, ok, not sins do much as it was the decision of the day. I mean the Italians did sign a pact with Germany and Japan to crush Canada and our Allies. Would Canadians be getting an apology if the War went the other way?

  2. I priced a 2X10X12 Pressure Treated piece of lumbar today and it came up at $68.00 ea.

  3. A friend of mine (ex military captain) just lost a bid on a cottage that sold for $270,000 over asking price.

  4. The State of Ohio is offering a draw a week for 1 Million U.S. Dollars for Ohians that step up and get vaccinated for Covid-19.

  5. The Country of Belarus forced a Civilian aircraft to land so they could pull a journalist off the plane and murder him.

  6. The U.S. Capital was attacked on Jan 6, 2021, people were killed and some members of the U.S. Congress and Senate think it was a good thing.

On a positive note, we have been fully vaccinated against Covid-19, so yay for that. And, we are allowed to Golf again and that's a big YAY!

But the biggest sign that a change is a coming... STEVE BRICK IS FINALLY RETIRING!

What the heck is the world coming to...

Leafs, Habs or Jets which Canadian team do you want to represent in the final four?

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Hey Ollie, I see you have aged as well as those coins. It’s good to see my old on ice buddy.

Happy New Year to you and all your family wherever they are.

Mike Lucas

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