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From an nhs colleague:

FYI - information on anti inflammatories and COVID-19:

From an nhs colleague: We have just been sent a medical alert that no one is to use anti inflammatories (eg I brufen, Voltarol, naproxen and there are others)  for pain or high temperature. Use paracetamol instead. There seems to be a link between severe cases of covid19 affecting young people with no underlying illnesses and taking anti inflammatories. Initial reports started coming from French Drs on Friday. This has been confirmed by infectious diseases consultants here - there are 4 young people in ICU in Cork who have no underlying illnesses - all were taking anti inflammatories and there are concerns this has caused a more severe illness. We have been asked to spread the message. French tv and radio apparently broadcast the same warning today.. From John Greenwood’s niece...Consultant Pediatrician in London. Pls pass on.

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