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First Covid Member Submission...

Updated: Apr 26, 2020

Name: Ken MacDonald

Where are you hanging your ha: Victoria BC

What are you doing to mange y: Well, between phone calls with Doctors, making and keeping appointments, then visiting pharmacies and lifelabs, I have been very busy outside re-creating our landscaping into I thing of beauty!! In our eyes anyway. The MO is work for 5 minutes, sit down and rest for 10 minutes and repeat -repeat-repeat. The weather has been beautiful in Victoria so for the past three weeks I could work outside. Thank the lord it's raining today, so I can do a lot more sitting in my lounger in the house. I have even been doing the dishes once in a while. Watching the Food channels has made me a much better critic and adviser to Yvonne when she is creating and serving my lazy ass some delectable meals. Being house bound was really not an inconvenience to me because I have been doing it so long. I have created my own "honey do list" and work on it when the urge hits me. It is a mixture of indoor and outdoor chores and jobs that should have been done years ago. I try not to rush thru the list and take a lot of time thinking and planning how to do them. A lot of thinking and a lot less doing makes the list last a lot longer. We watch the news channels a lot, but that becomes very depressing. The only value we glean from this activity is watching sir donald display his stupidity. I guess he never heard of the saying that"It's better to be thought a fool than to open your mouth and remove all doubt." I really have no tips for others because it is for each of us to work within our own individual strengths and abilities in order to cope with the pandemic restrictions. Stay strong NOVA SCOTIA.

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David Edmond
David Edmond
Apr 26, 2020

Hi one and all. First to say I am sorry to see that Al Brockley had died. WE had many a good badminton game. He, trying to win, and me trying to prolong the game as long as possible. After all you are on the court for a workout, not pleasure.

L am in retirement now in the Eastern Townships, in Granby. The virus has been active here with Sherbrooke, Granby and Magog following behind Montreal.

Can't say as I am too inconvenienced by it. We have farmland left to my wife following the death of her husband in an accident. With the arrival of good weather, there is a lot to do outside. I also shop in town where…

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