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Did you hear someone was shot dead!

In my opinion:

When I heard someone was killed during yesterday's insurrection on the U.S. Capital Building I asked, "was it Donald Trump."

The question was rhetorical but for those who think that was harsh. Let me ask you this:

It's 1937 and you're standing in a room with Adolf Hilter and you have the only gun. Knowing what you know today, what do you do?

I'm guessing the answer to the question would be as varied as the readers. Meh... some would walk away, some would take aim and pull the trigger and some would convince themselves that changing history could could be far more detrimental than the alternative.

And yes, I can compare Donald Trump to Adolf Hitler because Trump has done far greater harm too far more people than Mein Kampf. By the way, were you aware Trump's original last name was, "TRUMPF." Coincidence I think not.

Okay enough of the comparison crap. Let's cut to the chase that man offers no value to the role and has proven to be dangerous to society. If he was a dog, we would put him down. Unfortunately he's not a dog so that's off the table. They can and should contain the man though. The easiest option would be a forced vacation to Camp David. Shut him down until January 21. Then turn him over to whatever nut house that will take him. Could be a tough sell.

Well that's my opinion, I'm interested to hear what you think?

  1. Should he be left to serve out his term,

  2. Should be forced out, or

  3. should he endure a nefarious ending to his political career?

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