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Can we get out of our own way?

In my opionion:

Some days I sit here watching the News and wonder what it was like in Canada when the first and second world wars broke out. Did we turn it into a political football or did we rally behind the governments decision to go to War? Based on what I know it seems like we rallied behind the decision to join or go to War. I'm sure that there were some critics but I feel that once the decision was made Canada stood in solidarity as soldiers went off to War to defend Canada and our freedom to choose how we live. I wonder some times what those soldiers that gave the ultimate sacrifice would think today knowing that their sacrifice may have been in vane. I mean, living your life free from tyranny is one thing, blowing off your neighbour, countryman, lawmakers and leaders to risk so many of our lives is another.

I really don't care who you are or what your situation is when you intentionally put others at risk your spitting on the graves of our fallen soldiers. Nobody asked for this... but yet here we are. It's clear that asking or threatening to fine people into doing the right thing isn't working so what's next? Maybe it's time for the punishment to fit the crime. It's as simple as this, why does everyone around the world follow their country's rules of the road? You know, like driving in your lane, stopping on red, going on green, etc. Because, not to do so could cost you or someone you love their life. Rules of the road are there to ensure you have the freedom to drive where you want and to get there alive. Shouldn't living life during a pandemic be the same, especially if all you have to do is where a mask and follow the recommended health guidelines. What's that you say, you can't wear a mask... then don't go out. Find another way to get what you need without putting others at risk. But you all know it's not the one off's I'm talking about. It's the arrogant and selfish people that think rules don't apply to them. The same jackass that ignores basic driving laws putting everyone around them at risk to serve themselves. I know what I would really like to see happen but I'd settle for forcing them to work in their local hospital in the Covid-19 ward for a week or two.

and, that's my opionion.

Next week - why are we pissed at people travelling when all we have to do is close the airports, train stations, boarders, etc?

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