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By Ken Harrison

Hello, I recently found and joined the PERI Scope to post the passing of my father Brian Harrison on December 12, 2022 at the age of 84. Brian passed away peacefully due to COVID symptoms which intensified other health conditions.

Brian Arthur Harrison joined the military in 1954 at 16 years of age. He quickly became a PTI and remained with the PERI trade until his retirement in 1994 with 40 years of service. He spent his 60's in Florida and his 70's in Smith Falls where he passed. He was committed to the PERI trade and a standard of fitness of excellence which he demanded from all that he trained, he was a hardass for sure as I know he expected the same from me and my boys, we are honored to have had him as a role model.

Many of you will remember me a young lad hanging around the gyms and rinks in Borden, Cornwallis, Lahr and Baden. The PERI's were always working on perfection in particular the gymnastic shows they performed (Spectacular to watch). I remember in 78 we were stationed in Lahr and went to the Kehl pool and Brian started to dive off the 10 meter tower, after a few dives the pool cleared and all the Germans sat on the edge to watch and applaud, he put on a show, and of course he loved to be the spectacle.

He flew the PERI flag in his yard until he died and now I have it flying in mine. (Proud son of a PERI)

Brian is survived by me Kenneth Brian Harrison (ret'd CF Flight Engineer) Daughter in law Susan Harrison (ret'd national gymnast) Grandsons Capt Rory Harrison (CF Pilot) Cpl Nick Brian Harrison (3VP), CST Chris Harrison (Edmonton Police Service) My mother his first wife Ursula (Ulla) Harrison who still resides in Baden and his last wife Janet Harrison. He was predeased by his daughter Jackie Harrison (my sister) from a car accident in 1997.

Mens sana in corpore sano.

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Michelle Lesieur
Michelle Lesieur
29 jul 2023

To Ken Harrison and family,

I'm so sorry to hear about Sergeant, Warrant Officer and Captain Brian Harrison's passing, my deepest condolences to your family. Speaking of Cornwallis, I was there as a young Officer Cadet, then Lieutenant, when your dad and Rick Eland were promoted on the same day. I arrived on 1st September 1976 and was posted to CFSPER on 17 October 1977. Your dad was everything you described plus so much more. Throughout the years, I also met him after he was CFR, another huge achievement. I could hardly speak English when I arrived, and thanks to all who took the time to help me out, correct me as I asked everyone to do, I eventually was…

Me gusta
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